Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adirondack Stencil Tutorial

I have been thinking for a while about patio furniture and what I want. Prior to yesterday, JB and I have been using our camp chairs on the back porch. Sad, I know!

So, yesterday I went to Lowe's and purchased 4 Adirondack chairs. I was planning on buying tan ones and then spray painting the whole surface of each chair into different crazy colors, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these blue ones already there. I love the color of them, plus leaving them blue cut the work in half, which I am all in favor of!

Ok. So here is the process:

1. Wash the chairs. Make sure they are really clean.
2. Cut out stencils (on my silhouette, of course) of the designs I wanted to use. I will provide free downloads at the end of this post!

3. I sprayed a light layer of spray adhesive on the back side of each stencil before i put it on the chair. This way, the spray paint doesn't leak under the sides of the stencil. After I put the stencil where I wanted it, I covered the surrounding area with newspaper, using masking tape to secure it.

4. I then applied a thin layer of spray paint the chair, where the stencil is. After waiting a few moments, I pulled off the newspaper and stencil, and started on the next spot.

**because I am not a patient person, I did one portion right after the other. But, I was really careful not to touch the previous sprayed sections with the other stencils or even the newspaper. Doing so will smear the paint!

I am including cut files for the flower stencil used on two of the chairs pictured above.

Here are the links to download a zipped folder of cut files (.svg and .gsd) and also a .pdf for anyone who wants to go at it with an exacto knife. There are so many possibilities for their use. You could use them to stencil a wall, a bag (I think I am going to take them to a canvas tote next), or a scrapbook page. If you do use them, I would love to see! Also, these files are for personal use only.


  1. I bought the same chairs!! Thanks so much for the stencils..looks like a fun idea..

  2. Your chairs are so inviting and cheerful! Love them.

  3. You've been linked. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Did you put any kind of sealant on them? How do they hold up in the weather?

  5. Thats great Painted Adirondack Chairs use in all weather its never damage and
    completely relief.

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  7. Lovely idea. I'm going to try it.